WP Cerber protects your wordpress website from attacks

There are many word press security plugins that help you protect from attackers. WP Cerber is an excellent plugin with great reviews and ratings. I am currently using this plugin and it is really doing a good job for me. I can be at peace not worrying about anyone hacking my website.

WP Cerber Dashboard

The dashboard displays both the activity and locked out ip addresses of people who are trying to hack your word press admin. So it really helps in identifying geo locations from where these attacks happen the most. The dashboard does not provide any Map, but you can always look up the ip address on the internet and find out where the attacks are coming from.

wp cerber dashboard

From the above picture you can actually see how many people are trying to hack my website since the last 24 hours. People actually do have lot of free time, isn’t it.

Main Settings

The settings page will provide you with options of how many login attempts allowed with in a certain duration. Aggressive lockouts provide you with very long lock out periods. There are many other settings which you can choose based on how secure you want your admin site to be. The out of the box ones are custom login page and citadel mode.

wp cerber settings

Custom login page allows you to have an alternative url for your admin login page. This will make it impossible for the attackers to identify the login page name.

Citadel mode will block all the users who are trying to access your admin site. The current logged in sessions are not affected. You would use this only in extreme cases.

Access Lists

Access lists will help you in defining White IP access list i.e allowed ip addresses and Black IP access list i.e by default denied ip addresses. You know that people from certain ip addresses are always trying to hack your website then you add those ip addresses to the Black IP access list. You can add your own ip address and your website contributors ip addresses to the White IP access list.

wp cerber access lists

There are other settings like Hardening, Username restriction and Notifications which will all help you in making your word press website more robust and secure.

If you are currently not using any plugin to protect your word press website, i will suggest you to start using WP Cerber.

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