Twitter Lite: Twitter launches a lite mobile web app

Twitter launched a lite version of its mobile web app targeting emerging countries called Twitter Lite. It is basically a data optimized version of regular twitter service.

Everyday millions of people around the world use twitter to follow trends. However there are many barriers in emerging countries with slow internet speeds, costly data plans and the reach of mobile networks.

Although the smart phone adoption is at 3.8 billion connections, 45% of them are still on old 2G networks.

Twitter Lite minimizes data usage, loads quickly and works well on unstable connections. This is because the application is optimized to perform 30% faster and only uses less than 1MB storage.

Twitter lite can be accessed at Twitter Lite provides the features – Timeline, Tweets, Direct Messages, Trends, Media Uploads, Notifications and more.

Twitter struggled to grow in emerging countries especially India. Less than 20% of internet users in India use twitter. Twitter said it partnered with Vodafone which may soon be the largest network by subscribers promote the service to its customers.

Twitter Lite is developed using many open source libraries including React, Redux, Normalizr, Globalize, Babel, Webpack, Jest, WebDriverIO and Yarn. Twitter Lite supports 42 languages currently and it uses Globalize for this purpose.


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