Top 5 Gmail keyboard shortcuts

Once you enable keyboard shortcuts under gmail settings, there are a plenty of keyboard shortcuts to use. Let us look into the top 5 gmail keyboard shortcuts.

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

Click on the settings icon gmail settings iconand then click settings option in the drop-down.

Scroll down to the Keyboard shortcuts section and select “Keyboard shortcuts on”.

gmail keyboard shortcuts setting

Click Save to save your new setting and return to your inbox view.

*For MAC use command key for wherever ctlr key is specified below.

1. “c” for compose window or “shift+c” for compose in new browser window

Press the key “c” to open a new compose window or if you like to open the compose editor in a new browser window press “shift+c”.

2. “tab” forward and “shit+tab” backward

Once you are in compose window, you can use “tab” key to focus on the next field, if you want to move backwards then press “shift+tab”.

3. “ctrl+enter” to send the mail

Once you are in the compose window you enter To Address, Subject and Body of your mail. Now you want to send your mail without using the mouse, just press “ctrl+enter” the new mail is gone.

4. “ctrl+shift+c” for CC and “ctrl+shift+b” for BCC

Before sending your email with “ctrl+enter” if you want to add cc mail address then press “ctrl+shift+c”, if you want to add bcc mail address then press “ctrl+shift+b”.

5. “ctrl+shift ++ sign” for increasing font size and “ctrl+shift+- sign” for decreasing font size

Before sending your mail, if you feel your font size is too small or too large, you can change that. First focus your cursor on the body section (you can use tab and shift+tab to focus) select all the text in your body by pressing “ctrl+a” then press “ctrl+shift++ sign” to increase the text size and “ctrl+shift+-sign” to reduce the text size.

For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts you can press “sift+?” to open the keyboard shortcuts help window.

Also use “esc” to exit out of any pop-up window in Gmail.

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So helpful! Will be using these!

I didn’t even know gmail had keyboard shortcuts – and I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for the info!

thanks for letting me know!!

This is super helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Very useful, especially if you have to send a lot of emails during the day.

Once you are inside gmail, you can send as many mails as you want with the above shortcuts without touching your track pad or mouse