Mass production of artificial blood may be a reality soon.

Doctors and Medical Institutions dream of having unlimited supply of blood, but in reality that is impossible now. Things are going to change soon for mass production of artificial blood.

Red blood cells can be produced in a lab, but the current technique of using stem cells only results in limited volume. British researches found a solution for that, using their technique there can be reliable production of mass volumes of blood.

The technique is to create premature blood cells which live very long so that you can culture them whatever the way you like.

The biggest challenge is to make this technique into a commercial reality. Currently few liters of blood can be produced in a lab, this is done only for very rare blood groups.

UK’s National Health Service is planning to use this kind of artificial blood starting this year for patients with rare blood groups. Although the blood produced will not be using the new technique developed by British researchers, this can be a starting point to encourage commercial production of blood.

This effort could help hospitals with continuous supply of blood, so you don’t worry about running out in situations of life and death.

Source: University of Bristol, Nature

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