iPhone X – A Guided Tour By Apple

Phone X is the latest offering from Apple. This version of iPhone is in development since 2012, a lot of new features are being introduced in this phone. Here let us go through some of the new features that are part of the iPhone X.

New Gestures

There is no home button in iPhone X, this is because apple want you to make it easier to get around your phone. Wherever you are, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go Home. If you want to see all the apps that are open, swipe from the bottom and pause, then swipe right to move between your apps. You can even swipe horizontally at the bottom of the screen to move between your apps. To open your control center, swipe down from the top right corner of your screen. While in the control center, you can press firmly using 3D touch to turn up the sound or change brightness of your screen. To close the control center just swipe up. In order view all your notifications swipe down from the top center of your screen.

If you want to talk to SIRI, you can simply say “Hi SIRI”. You can press and hold the side right button to talk to SIRI anytime. To shut down the iPhone X press and hold the right side button and one of the volume buttons, which displays the shutdown option.

Face ID

What is Face ID? It is similar to Touch ID, you can perform all the operations using Face ID as you could in Touch ID. Here your face is used as the key to do all operations. Setting up Face ID is simple, rotate your head while setting the Face ID and iPhone X will recognise your face.

Face ID works well both indoors, outdoors and even in total darkness. Don’t worry about Face ID if you want to change the style of your face. iPhone X will instantaneously recognise you with any changes to your face. These changes can be like beard change, hair style and sun glasses. You can unlock your phone using Face ID, simply swipe up to start using the phone. Even notifications don’t show up until iPhone X recognises your face.

To make secure purchases with Apple Pay, double click on the right side button and glance at your phone then keep it close to the sales terminal to make your purchase.


Animoji is emoji with your voice, this is great for messaging to your close ones. Simply select one of the animoji and start recording you message, then you can send your animoji message. You can simply drag and drop the completed animoji on any location in your text message.

Portrait Lighting

In iPhone X both the front and rear cameras have portrait mode. This will get you great pictures while choosing between 5 different lighting effects. You can also edit the lighting after a photo is captured. Simply click on edit on top of the picture to edit lighting of your picture.

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