You can send email with rich HTML content from GMAIL with in your browser. By default Gmail composer does not allow to edit HTML directly.

This is because Gmail doesn’t want to allow users to add html tags and try to refer to local files in their machine and expect it work without any problems.

There are two ways in which you can add rich html to your emails.

  1. Using a Chrome plug-in like Advanced HTML for Gmail
  2. Copy and paste content from browser window to gmail composer.

Advanced HTML for Gmail

This plug-in can be installed from the Google Chrome web store. Once installed, login to your gmail account and click on compose. You will see a red button labeled “Edit HTML” on the bottom right corner of your compose window.

gmail compose editor

Click on the Edit HTML button to open a HTML editor.

advanced html ediotr for gmail

Once you are done creating your html content click Save to view the preview in the compose window. Click Cancel to discard any changes.

If you want to add images to your html content then make sure that the images are referred from the web i.e web urls and not images from your local machine. You can now send emails with html formatting.

Copy Paste Content

The other way to send html content is to copy it from a browser window to your gmail composer.

sample html copy from browser

The content can be anything selected  from a browser window i.e  whether it is a web page loaded from the Internet or if you created a html file in your computer and opened it in a browser window.

paster html from browser to gmail compose

Once you have pasted the content in the compose window, you can edit the content and once you are done with editing you can send your email.

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