How to filter gmail

Filter gmail to organize your mailbox efficiently. Creating a filter in Gmail is very easy, you don’t even need to get into the settings.

Show Search Options

Click on the “show search options” arrow on the top search bar in your Gmail.

gmail show search options

The search options will drop down.

gmail search options

Search Options

If you want to filter emails from a particular email address then enter that in the From field.

If you want to filter emails that are sent to a particular email address then enter that email address in the To field.

As you can see there are more filter options available for you to choose.

Now click on the search button to filter your emails. Done!

Now if you want to create a permanent filter with your filter criteria, click on the “Create filter with this search” link. This link is in the bottom right corner of the search options view.

gmail filter settings

Filter Settings

In the filter settings, you can apply a label for all the emails that match your filter criteria new and old ones as well.

In order to apply your filter for existing emails in your Inbox, you can check the “Also apply filter to N matching conversations” option.

Instead of applying a label, you can do a lot of other things like archiving, mark as read, star, forward, delete, never spam, mark as important, never mark as important and categorize.

Once you choose your filter settings, click on “Create filter” button and your filter is created.

In order to edit or delete your filter, you have to go to Settings->Filtered and Blocked Addresses tab.

gmail settings filters tab

Now you know how to create and modify filters in Gmail.

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