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A lot of you know how to search for your mails in GMAIL. You enter a search text and click search, but there are a lot of shortcuts that help you in filtering out emails very quickly.

Since the introduction of Gmail the Gmail developer team kept on adding new shortcuts for search. Below are some of the most useful shortcuts for Gmail search.

Specify the sender

Specify a recipient

Remove messages from your results with a word “work”

Attachments with a certain name or file type
filename:pdf, filename:zip, filename:software etc..

Search for an exact word or phrase
“This sentence only”

Starred, unread, or read messages
is:starred, is:unread, is:read

Search for messages sent during a certain time period
after: 2016/12/25

Search for messages older or newer than a time period using d (day), m (month), and y (year)

Now lets say i want to search for mails older than two years from containing a sentence “medical bill” with a file attachment of type “pdf”.  Your search text can be as below

older_than:2y “medical bill” filename:pdf

Using the search shortcuts will save you a lot of time filtering out emails. Happy mailing.

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Get more information from google support page here.

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