Difference between App Engine, Compute Engine and Container Engine

Difference between App Engine, Compute Engine, and Container Engine. Know which of these three Google’s compute options suit your needs.

App Engine

App Engine helps you in deploying your web or mobile applications. Think of it as shared hosting, you don’t have any control over the servers.

There are two environments Flexible Environment and Standard Environment to choose from. Your application can automatically scale up or down based on the load with Flexible Environment.

Compute Engine

Compute Engine is Google’s version of Virtual Machines. You can create your own virtual machine with a choice of your own virtual hardware and operating system. You have full control over your machines.

Container Engine

Container Engine provides you to deploy your application on a cluster which is configured by you. Think of it as a managed cloud under a public cloud.

You can test real-time loads with serious distributed computing power. It is based on Kubernetes and Docker. Here Kuberentes manages all the docker containers on nodes.


If you want to deploy a simple application go for App Engine. If you want to deploy an enterprise application that contains multiple servers like a web server, database server, rabbit mq cluster, redis cluster etc.. Then you can either go with a Container Engine cluster or you can create multiple Compute Engines and manage them independently.

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