Making most out of AWS free tier

If you are eligible, you can get a 12 month AWS free tier activated for you.

Free Tier Options

Here are some of the best options of free tier.

– 2 micro EC2 instances

– 1 instance Amazon RDS (basically MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server etc..)

– S3 object storage with limits.

– 1 instance of Elastic Search

– 1 NoSQL DynamoDB (like MongoDB)

– 1 Elastic Cache (like Redis)

and many more.

You can literally have a starup up and running with the above infrastructure.

You can have your web server on one EC2 instance and your server/api code on the other EC2 instance.

You can have a relational database for transaction data on line with Amazon RDS and have your EC2 instance talk to this on line database.

You can use S3 object store to store your application files, images and videos etc..

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You can use Dynamo DB to store all your non transaction application data. If you want to go a little bit further you can use the crazily fast Elastic Search for the same purpose with an additional advantage of indexing and searching your data and logs.

You can use Elastic Cache to store all the session, token or user information for instant retrieval.

And all this with a great advantage of world class availability. All you need to spend for is to get a domain name.

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