Angular vs React Comparison where to use.

React and Angular both are very popular with front end developers. Let us see how they compare with each other.


Angular is a web application framework. You can create enterprise scale web applications using AngularJS. Lets do a comparison of Angular vs React.

With a combination of AngularJS, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and any micro service framework you can build an end to end application. You don’t need ASP.NET, JSP, PHP or RUBY RAILS for UI to work.

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Any Restful micro service framework using a database could fuel the backend for an angular application, this could be WebAPI, Java REST, BOTTLE etc..


React is a UI library. Fewer things can be done with React compared to Angular. You need another web framework or libraries to support React.

React is the only library which places HTML in JavaScript and has Virtual DOM whereas all the others place JavaScript in HTML.

The growing popularity for React is because of its ease of integration to existing web applications which ever technology they are built upon.

Angular on the other hand does not allow this, you can only build a new portion of your web application in angular.

It is good to use Angular if you are starting a new web application from scratch or to build an entire HTML document where you can redirect to from your existing web application.

For a more technical/performance comparison you can visit Angular vs React here.

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