What is Amazon Echo Look?

Amazon Echo Look is the personal assistant version of Amazon Echo. Earlier versions of Echo are more like music stereo speakers with a voice assistant. Echo Look comes with a built in camera and is much smaller at a size proportional to a TV remote control.

Amazon says Echo Look will help you look your best. You can take pictures and record videos of yourself with voice commands. The hands free camera includes built in LED lighting, depth-sensing and background blur features.

Companion App

You can see yourself in every angle with the companion app. You can build a lookbook and share your pictures. The app has a feature called Style Check which is a service integrated with machine learning algorithms to give you a second opinion on which outfit looks the best for you.

Echo Look also helps you find new brands and styles based on your lookbook.

You can Ask Alexa to read the news and audiobooks, set alarms, get traffic and weather updates, control smart home devices and play music.

If you are worried about your privacy, there is a mic & camera off button which you can press to shut them down. However we still have to see how all of this works once it gets to the market.

Amazon says Echo Look using its camera will learn from its users the options they choose from time to time. This will help in building a profile for the user and better serve them with their voice inputs.

We have to wait and see how well Echo Look can satisfy the user with its style choices. Fashion and Clothing is a very personal thing and a computer trying to figure out what you and others like what you wear is not an easy thing.

Echo Look costs you $199.99 and is available by invitation only. You can request an invitation at Echo Look. Hope you get an invitation and try the product.

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have you bought it yet?

This product suits women more than men, lets see.

interesting article. love echo doing all these things. 🙂

Who knew that the echo could do all of that? It looks amazing!

Thanks for this, especially the prices. It saved me time by researching o internet…

Interesting! Can save all the trouble of finding someone to click one’s pictures. 😀

Woah I have an echo and didnt even know of the echo look! Taking alexa to a whole new level. I love it!

Looks very high tech but would be very interesting to try out.