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Top 4 Free Web Conference Call Providers

Web conferencing is the best way to increase the productivity of your remote teams. The top web conferencing providers in the market allow only few users in a conference call in their free plans. However some of them really standout with their free plans. Here are the top 4 free web conference providers.

zoom us

Zoom is probably the best and the only provider with a free plan included with tons of features. The call and video quality are excellent. It has the telephone call-in feature included in their free plan. The standout features of the free plan are

  • Host up to 50 participants.
  • Join by telephone call-in.
  • HD video and HD voice.
  • Dekstop and application sharing.
  • Instant or scheduled meetings.

google hangouts logoGoogle Hangouts

Hangouts is the most popular conferencing tool for the general public. It is one of the most used conferencing tool by individuals.

  • Up to 10 participants.
  • Call a telephone (US & Canada free)
  • Screen Sharing.
  • Schedule with Google Plus Events

This new player in the market is getting some very good reviews from its users. No sign-up required, just start a meeting instantly by creating a room link and then by sharing the link with whoever you want to invite.

  • Up to 8 participants.
  • No registration or downloads. **
  • Simple screen sharing.
  • Room locking. is a freemium meeting and online collaboration software. It is a subsidiary of LogMeIn. It allows for private screen sharing so that you can share your screen for only the people you want to.

  • Up to 10 participants.
  • Up to 5 video feeds.
  • Look who’s talking.
  • Screen sharing.
  • File transfer.
  • Share control.