tesla smooth glass house

Tesla Roof Tiles

Tesla and Solar City announced solar roof. Tesla roof tiles comes in four variants. This gives the homeowner to have a personal choice of the roof design and color.

Tuscan Glass

tesla terra cotta glass

The Tuscan Glass is probably the most pricey one but the most beautiful one as well. The roof looks completely normal from the street, but when you see it from above there are sections of solar cells that will get you solar power. Here is a house with Tuscan Glass.

tesla terra cotta house

Slate Glass

tesla slate glass

The slate glass design is achieved with hydro graphic printing. The French slate glass is the best roof that you can get done for a conventional house.  Elon Musk says this is one of the hardest things to do, but at the end they were able to do it with multiple designs.

tesla slate glass house

Textured Glass

tesla textured glass

The textured glass has a textured view with random lines, the textured glass comes in black color.

tesla textured glass house

Smooth Glass

tesla smooth glass

The smooth glass is the most simplest glass with no graphics printed on it. It has the modern look and goes well with contemporary houses.

tesla smooth glass house

Anatomy of the Solar Roof

tesla solar roof anatomy

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