Evernote Web Clipper is a chrome extension which will help you bookmark and save articles, simplified articles, full web pages and even screenshot selections to the Evernote account. This extension comes very handy if you want to keep track of a lot of things on the web. Evernote Web Clipper>>>
Checker Plus is a chrome extension which displays new email notifications. You can read, listen or delete an email without opening Gmail. Multiple Gmail accounts are supported. Checker Plus Extension Once you install the extension from Chrome Web Store. It will display an Email icon with any notifications if your>>>
Filter gmail to organize your mailbox efficiently. Creating a filter in Gmail is very easy, you don’t even need to get into the settings. Show Search Options Click on the “show search options” arrow on the top search bar in your Gmail. The search options will drop down. Search Options>>>
Difference between App Engine, Compute Engine and Container Engine. Know which of these three Google’s compute options suit your needs. App Engine App Engine helps you in deploying your web or mobile applications. Think of it as shared hosting, you don’t have any control over the servers. There are two>>>
There are many word press security plugins that help you protect from attackers. WP Cerber is an excellent plugin with great reviews and ratings. I am currently using this plugin and it is really doing a good job for me. I can be at peace not worrying about anyone hacking>>>
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